Matt Watkins

School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln, UK

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Matt Watkins is a Reader (Associate Professor) in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Lincoln UK.

Our group works closely with leading experimental and computational groups to develop simulation tools to understand chemical physics processes at the nanoscale.

Current interests are characterisation of solid-liquid interfaces: We are developing methods to simulate Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquids; Electron transport across interfaces; Electrochemistry; excited state processes.

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AFM in Solutionmore_vert

Image from Nanoscale, 2016

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We are working with leading experimental and computational groups to transform Atomic Force Microscopy in solution into a practical tool for characterizing solid-liquid interfaces at atomic resolution.

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Excited Statesmore_vert

Link to CP2K reference manual

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We are implementing an efficient version of Time Dependent Density Functional theory into the CP2K code


Image from Nature Chemistry, 2018


We investigate the properties of many interface systems.

Metal oxide / Metal for photo-cathode or microelectronics.

Molecular layers / insulators for new optical materials and coatings.

Solid liquid intefaces for electrochemical and energy applications.

Electronic Transportmore_vert

Lower image from PRL 2016

Electronic Transportclose

We are implementing a version of electronic transport using Non Equilibrium Green's Functions into the CP2K code.

Tip models for AFM in liquid
tip models

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Matt Watkins

Principal investigator

Lincoln website is here

Sergey Chulkov

HPC Scientist

Sergey now an permanent HPC scientist. Whilst a post-doc he coded non-equilibrium transport methods and TDDFT methods into CP2K

Chris Dickens

PHD student

Jointly supervised with Matt Booth, working on materials with solar energy applications.

Broderick Harvey

UROS, Summer project student

Brod will be producing synthetic AFM images.

Tip models for AFM in liquid
tip models

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Brayford Pool
Brayford Pool, Image courtesy of University of Lincoln -

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